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What materials can be used in RUF briquetting presses?

Our presses are ideal for compacting a multitude of organic and inorganic materials, with popular materials including wood, dust shavings and chips, metal filings, milling chips and grinding sludge.

Our metal machines are perfect to compact cast iron, steel, aluminium and copper with an additional economic benefit; the valuable cutting fluid can be extracted, reclaimed and re-used!

Other materials which will briquette include paper, cardboard, fabric remnants, Styrofoam, paint dust and grinding dust. The options are wide and as varied as life itself.

Intrigued and curious to see if your waste will briquette? Then send us your pressing and we’ll return your personal briquette with a detailed report.

RUF UK - we can handle just about anything!

How much do briquetting machines cost?

Companies can either lease or buy a briquetting system, either of which can deliver significant cost savings in under 18 months. Typical representative figures are shown below;


RUF4/2400/60x60         Aluminium          94 kg/hr          £         £213.00 per week*

 *based over a 4-year period

How much training is required to operate the machinery?

Minimal training is required. There is some very basic set up training and the machines are engineered to the highest German standards meaning that they can operate automatically, 24 / 7 with minimum supervision.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely. We want every customer to be 100% satisfied that introducing a RUF briquette machine into their business will be an asset in terms of cost saving, driving efficiencies and reducing waste previously destined to landfill.

Our test facility based in Staffordshire enables clients to test their own pressings through one of the machines in order to evaluate the benefits. You will receive all briquettes as well as the cutting fluid that results from the test along with a detailed report.

This service is free of charge and without obligation.

Please call or email to arrange your appointment or send us your test pressings.

Will the machine require a specialist to operate?

No – once we have installed the machine and received the initial training, the equipment simply needs to be turned on and loaded with your waste material. It is capable of running fully automated 24/7 with minimal supervision with a range of outputs from 20 to 4,800 kg/h.

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