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We put into practice our philosophy of value preservation and value enhancement which also includes a very special quality promise to our customers: “Power made in Germany!” This promise provides you with assurance that our RUF briquetting machines are custom-made by our skilled workers, right down to the smallest detail. The long service life of the machines is further enhanced by the high proportion of production steps carried out in-house. Our extensive spare parts warehouse guarantees fast response times.

For four decades RUF have been dedicated to helping customers regain value from their waste by-products. The quality and precision of our equipment has been key to this success. RUF presses will stand the test of time with machines still operational that were built over 25 years ago.

As your single source partner, we can guarantee a consistently high standard of quality that you can rely upon.

Before, during and after the sale, our team of experts are on hand to offer advice, technical assistance and support.


RUF briquetting machines are the key to long-term, successful eco-efficiency. This sustainability concept starts with the production of the briquette presses themselves – the photovoltaic installation at our company premises actually generates more energy than is needed for our production processes.

Wood waste can be briquetted into uniform sized and shaped blocks that can be sold as a carbon neutral fuel source. They are ideal for use on log burning stoves, as these dense blocks burn for longer, more efficiently and produce less ash. RUF wood briquettes provide a safe, clean burn.

Metal waste such as milling chips, grinding sludge, shavings and filings previously discarded or left on the shop floor can be compressed into briquettes and sold to foundries or smelters. A RUF briquetter can reduce the waste volume up to 20:1 and allow the business to reclaim up to 80-90% of processing fluids. Metal briquettes: your choice – store, sell or recycle!