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Briquetting Benefits

Transforming waste into revenue

Introducing a briquetting machine into your business can add real value. If your manufacturing process uses wood, metals, biomass materials then briquetting can help transform this waste into an additional revenue stream. Either re-use the briquettes through your manufacturing cycle, or sell the bricks for onward use e.g. wood to use on stoves or metal briquettes to foundries. At the very least reduce the volume of waste you contribute to landfill. Briquetting can help reduce costs, drive efficiencies and improve sustainability.

Briquetting – compacting waste can:

  • Provide an additional revenue stream
  • Reduce the bulk volume sent to landfill
  • Reduced storage, handling and transport costs
  • Support your recycling initiatives

Benefits – efficiency, sustainability, profitability

Introducing a briquetting machine into your manufacturing process has a multitude of benefits that can add value and increase profitability.

Hydraulically compacting residues such as wood, metal shavings, swarf’s, sludges and biomass materials reduces the bulk by a ratio of up to 20:1, resulting in reduced handling, storage and transportation costs.

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