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If you’re not currently squeezing value out of your process fluids, you could be losing out! Introducing a RUF briquetting machine into your production process can enable you to recover up to 80-90% of your fluids for re-use. Not only that, but briquetting grinding chips in accordance with locally responsible authorities has the added benefit of converting the previously classified ‘hazardous waste’ into non-hazardous waste.

Our machines are low maintenance, designed to operate automatically 24/7 and capable of producing 1,000 lbs of briquettes per hour.

Reprocessing your grinding sludge into metal briquettes literally squeezes value from your waste by producing reusable metal briquettes that can be re-melted or sold as scrap to foundries. The many benefits include;

  • Reduced cost of storage, handling and transportation
  • Reducing waste previously destined to landfill
  • Creating an additional revenue stream from your waste
  • Supporting your recycling initiatives