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    Proseal tray sealing specialists give RUF the stamp of approval

    One year on and already Proseal, are realising the many tangible benefits that the introduction of a RUF briquetting machine has brought to the business.

    Martin Jepson, Proseal Site Maintenance Manager explained, ‘Since introducing the RUF system, we have made savings galore. Everything is more efficient! Transport and storage costs have been reduced as the waste is compacted; we are able to recycle most of our coolant as well as getting a better scrap rate per tonnage. The machine literally runs itself and so we have reduced our labour costs and improved the working conditions. Scrap metal and swarf that was previously discarded or left on the floor is now collected and recycled. RUF has enabled us to achieve a cleaner, more contained and safer working environment and in addition the financial savings have been immense.'

    Briquetting helps Aerospace client achieve payback in 4 months

    We are delighted to have been involved in a prestigious project in Thailand which involved ‘Senior Aerospace.’ As with many similar companies within this industry, they wasted coolant. By introducing a briquetting machine into their processes, this enabled them to reclaim over 20,000 litres of coolant per month which equated to a saving of approximately 2,000 litres of neat soluble product per month.
    The financial savings alone were adequate to justify their investment. When adding to this the environmental benefits, and reduced carbon footprint, it is little wonder that the client is looking to introduce briquetting into other locations.

      RUF showcases at MACH

      MACH – the UK’s leading exhibition to showcase engineering based manufacturing technologies, bringing together the latest developments and innovations. We were delighted to showcase our briquetting machines at this event which attracts over 23,000 visitors. The exhibition gave us the opportunity to network with existing as well as prospective clients from around the globe. On display was the RUF4/24000 machine along with sample briquettes to help visitors visualise the many benefits that briquetting can offer.
      Work begins soon for MACH 2018. Come along to discuss your project and see how we can help add to your company’s bottom line -

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