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Heat and Power

If you work within a renewable energy or power industry, briquetting your waste can offer a plethora of cost saving and environmental advantages, all aimed at reducing overhead and adding to the company bottom line. Take for example one benefit, that of reducing emissions and carbon footprint. By reducing the bulk quantity of waste by compacting it into briquettes can help businesses meet their renewable energy mandates as well as reducing the volume destined to landfill. Reducing handling, reducing storage and reducing transportation costs.

Briquetting wood waste can result in the bricks being re-used as fuel. Typically, due to their density, they produce 50% more heat than normal logs, burn more efficiently and leave just as little as 2% of their original volume as ash.

Using wood briquettes on site for heat or energy saves their transportation cost, not only reducing waste timber to landfill but turning it into a clean fuel too.

 In 2014 the UK government introduced the Domestic and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive; schemes that promote the use of renewable heat. Since its introduction, thousands of people have joined the scheme and received payments. Worth finding out more to see if your business can qualify!

Briquetting – a win, win, win!

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