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As we know, grinding chips are classified as ‘hazardous waste’ in Europe. Briquetting these chips in co-ordination with the locally responsible authorities can change the classification to ‘non-hazardous waste’ and therefore simplifying and reducing the cost of their disposal That in itself is a massive benefit to companies operating within the manufacturing industry.

In addition, briquetting offers a multitude of other benefits. These include a reduction in waste bulk volume up to 20:1 which in turn reduces the cost of storage, handling and transportation for any waste destined for landfill. If you handle PUR foam as part of your process, this too can be significantly reduced in bulk, compacted from its loose powder form into briquettes, simplifying handling and reducing transportation costs. The health and safety benefits are significant too - enhancing the level of cleanliness, freeing the shop floor of debris and reducing the environmental impact.

Briquetting can help add value to your business. Do get in touch to find out more.

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