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Rental / Lease

For maximum flexibility, RUF briquetting machines are available to either buy, rent or lease. In any event the introduction of a RUF briquetting machine can help squeeze value from your waste and add to your bottom line.  

Rental Machines

This gives you the opportunity to rent one of our machines and test your waste under real conditions in your own production environment. This enables you to test larger quantities of material in order that you can be convinced of the long-term benefits that a RUF briquetting machine can bring tangible value to your business.

RUF4/2400/60x60          £460.00 per week + Delivery & Collection (excludes VAT)

Lease Machines

 We do have a RUF4/2400/60x60 available for lease.


From £213.00 per week over a 4-year period (excludes VAT)

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